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Thailand Covid Film Festival (TCFF)

11 - 20 may 2020

Thailand Covid Film Festival (TCFF) is a film community which screened short films during the period of pandemic of COVID-19 in Thailand. ‘Thailand Covid Film Festival (TCFF)’ is the one of the online communities that try to connect people from the Thai Film industry and encourage people to present ideas, views and opinion to shout out the feeling on this difficult time.


Podcharakrit To-im

Montika Kham-on

Kamonlak Jirahitapat

Laksanapon Tarapan

go with.png

Go with, still form video (Jakkaphat Songpolnopajorn)

Dear Corona.png

Dear Coronna, still form video (Kannissorn Santichaiyakul)

Under the dying sun.png

Under the dying 2020, still form video (Phetcharat Klinthet)

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