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9 min

Music video



“The Great Boonchan (อาญาบุญจัน) rolls the gong, its bangs reverberating from the deepest abyss of the Sa-erg-guan whirlpool. The Gong had disappeared, submerged, under the water, since the time Siamese troops marched up here to quell the Boon-bearing’s Revolts. 

(excerpt from the short story "NguaNgao" by Phu Kra-dat)


Siamese Futurism is a music video that tries to imagine 

a new narrative and imagination about the Holy Man's Rebellion (กบฏผู้มีบุญ). 

As the virtuous ones have not given up their lives they have only been biding their time in their slumber waiting for the arrival of a new day.




Credit Siamese Futurism

Director | Montika Kham-on

Director of Photography | Panisa Khueanphet

Ass.DOP | Suchaya  Kaewsinual

DIT | Suchaya  Kaewsinual

Costume Design | ThIti Somnuek

Makeup Artist | Ganitta Krishnapook

Colorist | Phiradon Witcharonasorn

Translator | Namkheun Collective

Production Support | Somkid Kham-on and Podcharakrit To-im

Mover | Pakamon  Hemachandra

Starring | Natthaya Thaidecha, Nuring Kumbungkra

Music | Praka Pru (ประกาปรูย) by Rasmee Isan Soul

Special Thanks

Kham-on family, Kumbunkra family and Speedy Grandma

Credit Siamese Futurism Video Essay

Director | Montika Kham-on

Essay Writer | Montika Kham-on and Podcharakrit To-im

Translator | Namkheun Collective

Credit Prophecy

writer | Podcharakrit To-im

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