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11  min

Documentary / Experimental film



An interview with a woman about her fears since childhood. From little fear such as claustrophobia to the fear hidden inside her memory which is the fear from cultural violence in her family. It leads her to think whether humans can eliminate their fears in which she believes that it will always be buried in our body and conclude that death is maybe the only way out. This will be expressed through the cinematography’s movement circling around the room, opening the space and allowing the audience to imagine and follow the story of this woman. The music at the end is a familiar tune for Thai people called “The Royal Guard March” which is the royal news music; a program that broadcasts in every Thai channel everyday at 8:00 pm timeslot. This familiarity creates an uncanny feeling in which as the song stretches out and slow down, it’s left with only the background melody that gives the same effects as a theme park came crashing down.

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