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To you, in 2000 years

A film by Montika Kham-on

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A unusual rural house, a mystical forest landscape, and a hair in the air. 

A woman's voice slowly narrated the entire story, much like a radio play,

and a series of events begins to unleash. 

If cinema as a medium can subconsciously travel us into a bodiless soul,

could this be the experience of liberation?

Can the soul bypass the oppressive history that is embodied in the Isaan* body?

This film speculates on the way of being free through this experience.

*north-eastern of Thailand

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to you, in 2000 years Inspired by Veeraporn Nitiprapha's book "The Blind Earthworm in the Labyrinth," 

a melodrama set in Bangkok about a shipwrecked relationship. The entire film, however,

takes place in rural north-eastern Thailand, with VoiceOver re-speaking in a north-eastern Thai accent.

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To You, in 2000 Years" is a video art that explores the intersection of language, oppressive history, and the pursuit of freedom and soul. 

The narration throughout the video is delivered by a woman's voice, taking inspiration from Veeraporn Nitiprapha's book, "The Blind Earthworm in the Labyrinth." The book itself is a moving melodrama set in Bangkok, centered around a shipwrecked relationship. However, the video unfolds in the serene landscapes of rural north-eastern Thailand, accompanied by a VoiceOver performed in a north-eastern Thai accent instead of the Central Thai language.


This work is about the encounter with language itself, moving beyond human communication. It specifically focuses on the north-eastern Thai accent, commonly known as "lao," which is a regional language in Thailand. Surprisingly, despite being spoken in its own region, the use and teaching of this language are prohibited in rural public schools. This backdrop serves as the catalyst for the exploration of the lost essence of the regional language, in contrast to the dominant Central Thai language. Through this artistic expression, the video seeks to facilitate a sense of liberation, allowing the audience to understand without the constraints of translation. 

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20.48 min

Short film




Director | Montika Kham-on

Director of Photography | Am Picha

Gaffer | Sanchai Chutcharingul

Sound Artist | Rucha Amatyakul

DIT | Sanchai Chutcharingul

Colorist | Sanchai Chutcharingul

Narrator | Thanutchaporn Nuanmai

Special Thanks

Podcharakrit To-im

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