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To you, in 2000 years

A film by Montika Kham-on

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A unusual rural house, a mystical forest landscape, and a hair in the air. 

A woman's voice slowly narrated the entire story, much like a radio play,

and a series of events begins to unleash. 

If cinema as a medium can subconsciously travel us into a bodiless soul,

could this be the experience of liberation?

Can the soul bypass the oppressive history that is embodied in the Isaan* body?

This film speculates on the way of being free through this experience.

*north-eastern of Thailand

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to you, in 2000 years Inspired by Veeraporn Nitiprapha's book "The Blind Earthworm in the Labyrinth," 

a melodrama set in Bangkok about a shipwrecked relationship. The entire film, however,

takes place in rural north-eastern Thailand, with VoiceOver re-speaking in a north-eastern Thai accent.

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20.48 min

Short film




Director | Montika Kham-on

Director of Photography | Am Picha

Gaffer | Sanchai Chutcharingul

Sound Artist | Rucha Amatyakul

DIT | Sanchai Chutcharingul

Colorist | Sanchai Chutcharingul

Narrator | Thanutchaporn Nuanmai

Special Thanks

Podcharakrit To-im

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