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20.48 min

Short film




Director | Montika Kham-on

Director of Photography | Am Picha

Gaffer | Sanchai Chutcharingul

Sound Artist | Rucha Amatyakul

DIT | Sanchai Chutcharingul

Colorist | Sanchai Chutcharingul

Narrator | Thanutchaporn Nuanmai

Special Thanks

Podcharakrit To-im

In the year 1921, the government enacted the Primary Education Act, which mandated that all schools in the northeastern region teach in the "Central Thai" language. This cultural assimilation had far-reaching effects and continues to impact the present. The diminishing use of local languages not only leads to the loss of cultural memory but also signifies the loss of "sensation" , the inherent essence that comes with using these languages. Language plays a significant role in shaping different perspectives of the world. The Lao-Chaiyaphum accent, echoing in the background, awakens the dormant senses of the lost regional language amidst the dominance of Central Thai. Through the video projected in a dark room, it illuminates the light of memories that reflect from the "head" and reverberate back to the "self" or our bodily experiences.

Through this artistic expression, the video seeks to facilitate a sense of liberation from the boundaries of language and the historical narratives of oppression. And from then on, sensation and meaning become insignificant.


To You, in 2000 Years (ลำนำหินขาว) is a video art that explores the intersection of language, oppressive history, and the pursuit of freedom and soul. The work tells a personal experience where the director attempts to record memories, experiences, and contemplative moments that question existence, using film as a tool to create a series of events. Drawing inspiration from the book "The Blind Earthworm in the Labyrinth," it invites you to join in creating a Lao-Chaiyaphum dialect expression, narrating an ancient fable of tragic love between two individuals who consume bitterness, driven by an unattainable desire in this earthly realm.

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