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To you, in 2000 years

A film by Montika Kham-on

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Collective fear came from the way dictatorship has been publicized in Thai society through history, truth and fictional tales which are all separated yet fused together at the same time. These dubious relations connect and form memories and feelings of the era, with some memories being covered with “fear” that is deep in our body and has been hidden under the land of Thailand for a long time. This film wants to convey the collective memory of fear in each era, that’s deep in to the memory of Thailand throughout the years.

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The story about the history of the land. Three lives are followed throughout the film, each at a distinct time and era in Thailand.

Whose stories are tinged with the very same glimpse of fear that has been hidden deep within the Thai mind for a long time.

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Short film
(work on progress)



Director | Montika Kham-on

Producer | Jirayu Suratin and Teeraphat Thirawat 

Director of Photography | Am Picha

Production Design | Noramon Wanichkamolnant

Gaffer | Sanchai Chutcharingul

Sound man | Supavit Sirisawadwattana and Napat Kongsaipakin

DIT | Sanchai Chutcharingul

Colorist | Sanchai Chutcharingul

Special Thanks

Podcharakrit To-im, Pongsakorn Yananissorn, Wirunwan Pitaktong, Unchalee Anantawat and Nawin Nuthong

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