Montika Kham-on (1999, Samutprakarn, Thailand) Montika Kham-on is a filmmaker.  She explores the potentials of moving images, and the possibilities of film technologies to examine the past and manifest multiple futures.


Kham-on is also interested in fields that work with the body, from theater to dance. She strives to incorporate said fields with moving images to grapple with what is beyond the boundaries of language. Currently, Kham-on is working on the project titled “Siamese Futurism,” a world-building project that investigates memories, storytelling, and tales hidden in the past in order to expand and recontextualize new stories for the future.


G R O U P . E X H I B I T I O N


2021    Crypto for Cryptids, Bangkok, Thailand

            Talk-Talk-Vilion, part of the Bangkok Biennial, Bangkok, Thailand


S C R E E N I N G 

2021    Programmer of Fable For Tomorrow, Bangkok CityCity Gallery

2020    Programmer of Thailand Covid Film Festival - TCFF, Online Screening